The Disaster Environment Life-Saving Traffic Assistance Network Systems Incorporated (DELTANS) celebrated its tenth national convention at the Quezon Hall in Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City from June 14 to 16, 2024. The festivities began on the afternoon of the fourteenth, when the host chapter, Zigzag Base of Baguio, welcomed members from all over the country, including Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Manila. Three speakers graced the event with their presence and gave talks about various topics in line with the mission of DELTANS.

Regional Director Maria Aplaten of the Department of Social Welfare and Development talked about purposeful leadership; Regional of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Antonette Anaban spoke about disaster management; and Research and Development staff of the Office of Civil Defense Stephanie Trinidad share her insights on core function of the Office of civil defense. With most of the chapters present, the group held an
election for the new national officers for the DELTANS year 2024 to 2025.

As the former president steps down, Sir Gerald “921” Malapit of Zigzag Base, Sir Angelito “1971” Domalanta of Layug Base, the elected national president, steps up to lead the DELTANS to greener pastures. The afternoon hit a high
when the official DELTANS Hymn premiered. Composed by Zigzag member Tristan “967” Quiaño and arranged by Johllel Tayag, the hymn struck the hearts of most, if not all, members. It perfectly embodies the DELTANS mission and encompasses all their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. The group unanimously and wholeheartedly voted for it to be the official DELTANS Hymn on the spot.

As the night hit and everyone dressed in their base, the convention took an exciting turn for the gala. The evening
began with a grand entrance parade of all chapters. Zigzag, Falcon, Capital, Layug, Hydro, Pinsal, Heron, Cuba, Tumba, Kuliglig, Kannaway, Mabuhay, Lawin, Panama, and Rosa walked down the hall loud and proud waving their flags. When everyone was seated and settled, hosts Josh “960” Matnog and Tristan “967” Quiaño made a thrilling
entrance to up the energy. With their stimulating tandem, they turned an otherwise routine convention into a night of excitement, camaraderie, and fun.

That night, DELTANS also charged the new national officers and welcomed fresh members with an induction. Led
by Sir Joseph “985” Villanueva, Sir Arnel “924” Cabanisas, and Sir Gerald “921” Malapit, upcoming officers and new
members took their oaths and officially changed their “crimson” blood to “DELTANS blue”. As part of tradition, the
best of the best were awarded and recognized that night, as well. With all the fantastic work they have done in the past year, Zigzag Base was named the best chapter. Sir Gerald “921” Malapit was rightfully named for the best chapter president. As for the best operative, there was no contest. Sir Mark Harold “956” Santos accepted this award.

Although they were awarded as the best this will not stop them from continuing to do their duties in volunteering
and putting their best feet forward. After the exhilarating awarding ceremony, the group took it down a notch to launch the official DELTANS hymn solemnly. With the lights down and everyone holding candles, Convention Committee Chairperson Ma’am Yoli “993” Quiaño made a heart warming introduction. Then, everyone enthusiastically sang the hymn. When the candles were blown and eyes were dried, every member enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner catered by SC Food Concession Services.

Now that their hearts and stomachs were full, they returned to turn the energy up a notch or two. It was time for the grand prize raffle, and the hosts made a great show of it. No one could contain their happiness when they won one of the big prizes, like a portable stove and rice cooker. Thanks to one of their sponsors, Rover Tactics, one lucky member went home with a cool multi-use storage box. When it came to the grand prizes, three members won three mountain bikes, donated by Christian David Alacar. Although the night was late, the night did not stop. After Sir Arnel “924” Cabanisas formally ended the convention with his closing remarks, many stayed to continue the celebrations with a fun fellowship.

That further gave them a chance to connect with people from all chapters. This event solidified the solidarity and connection among the group, no matter where they were from. Many agreed that this was not like any other DELTANS national convention. From the small details like hand-made beaded lanyards to exhibits of uniforms,
history, and gear to the chapter’s grand entrance, this night was indeed one to remember. DELTANS is a national volunteer and radio group that helps its communities through various acts of service, such as marshaling town and city events, outreach programs, and rescuing during calamities.

Yasmin “981” Quiaño

Amianan Balita Ngayon