A total of 104 buildings without permits have been issued notices of violation by the City Buildings and Architecture Office following its pronouncement on the crackdown on illegal structures
effective September 1, 2023. CBAO Asst. Dept. Head Engr. Stephen Capuyan said the structures issued NOVs were all located in DPS Compound. It will be recalled that the office first conducted its
program encouraging residents to legalize the status of their buildings by securing building permit in compliance with the Presidential Decree (PD 1096) or the National Building Code of the Philippines.

Under the program, building owners were notified through letters of the status of their buildings and of the urgency for them to apply and process their permits within a period. The letter also informed them that failure to comply would lead to the issuance of a notice of violation and
commence the proceedings prescribed under the building code. Building Code of the Philippines prohibits construction of structures without building permits and violators are liable to pay an
administrative fine of P10,000.

The CBAO emphasized that payment of the fine however does not mean that owners of the structures would no longer need to secure the building permit. “The notion that they already are exempt from getting a permit once they paid the fine is wrong. They still have to get a permit even if they have paid the fine,” Capuyan stressed. Arch. Homer Soriano, chief of the building management
division of the CBAO, said issuance of NOV will continue in the coming days. Target barangays are Engineer’s Hill, Cabinet Hill, Marcoville, M. Roxas, Imelda Village and others where the building permit campaign was also conducted. Unpermitted structures number about 96,000, based on the CBAO’s census.

Baguio-PIO/Aileen P. Refuerzo

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