Matatag Teachers as Catalysts of learning: Inspiring, Empowering, Nurturing. – It is an avenue for Professional Learning and Development (L&D) opportunities for DepEd teachers, school heads and educational leaders in pursuit of career advancement relative to the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST), School Heads (PPSSH), and Supervisors (PPSS) to be able to
achieve holistic development to enable the provision of needed quality teaching for the 21st century learners.

The Congress prioritizes teachers that have received the least number of regional and national-led trainings. Director IV / Regional Director Estela P. Leon-Cariño said. As of January 2023, the number of teachers in CAR is 16,303. The Schools Division Offices submitted teacher needs of 1,472 for budget proposal early this year, and the number of classrooms as per the National School Building Inventory on October 16, 2022, is 6,209. As for classroom needs, 1,566 classrooms are requested. . August 9, 2023. Held at 456 hotel, Baguio City.

Jimmy Ceralde/ABN

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