Good weather, accompanied by the exciting aura, the event, the UC-BCF Alumni Association is headed by the city councilor of Baguio Atty. Betty Lourdes Tabanda started with a parade showcasing the different alumni with their
respective departments at Baguio City, Session Road, on the 18th of May. The rest of the event then continued at the
University of the Cordilleras Gymnasium, well planned and coordinated by the Alumni officers. The celebration
highlighted the milestones and successes of the Alumni of UC (University of the Cordilleras), formerly known as BCF (Baguio Colleges Foundation).

The festivities included the performances of the College of Teacher Education, the UC Chorale, and UC Center for
Creative Productions, where they gave two performances. The first performers were students who encouraged the
alumni to dance with them as the music played classical hits from the past. After that, the second performers left the
crowd in awe in which they witnessed an incredible display of the different traditional dances found in the
Philippines, mixing each traditional dance in unity.

The event also included the recognition of both the Silver (1999) and Golden (1974) Jubilarians, the awarding of the
Outstanding Alumni, the Installation of the New Set of College Alumni Officers, and the Coronation of the 2024
Alumni Homecoming King and Queen. It was a day filled with activities, but it was made more entertaining and exciting by their very own alumni, Tata Edong and Jepryll Torremoro, who hosted the entire event. The list of VIPs also includes Ms. Sonia Daoas (UAAI PRO), Dr. Nancy Flores (UC President), Hon. Marilene Acosta (Chief Executive
Officer, Pag-ibig Fund), Mr. Ray Dean Lourdes Salvosa, Dr. Rhodora Ngolob, etc. It was a jam-packed day with good
people and a great atmosphere.

“We want to ask them to come back home and reconnect with us because there are certain projects and activities we want to undertake for the benefit of the alumni.” atty. Tabanda said, as she further elaborated on the benefits of being an alumni of UC. Additionally, she stated that, “the benefits of being an alumni are that; first, you are part of a group, yung feeling na may group ka; second, there is restarting of scholarship programs; and thirdly, there are activities made where there is community involvement.”.

Moreover, the initial focus of the event was in strengthening the bonds of the UC or BCF alumni with their peers, reminiscing and cherishing each other’s company; finding other job opportunities; and above all, sharing the
abundance of laughter and joy in creating more memories. The event ended with the announcement of the grand
winners for the raffle tickets with their extravagant corresponding prizes, and a group picture to commemorate
all the alumni of UC. It was a great day indeed!

Feurella Forosan/UC-Intern

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