Five persons have died in the city due to leptospirosis, according to the City Health Services Office
(CHSO). A total of 45 cases were reported from January 1 to Sept. 22, 38 of whom were males and
seven females. Age ranges from 1 year old to 85 years old with a median age of 45. Barangay Irisan had the most number of cases with 11 cases followed by Bakakeng Central, Asin Road, Lourdes
Subdivision Extension with three cases each; Cabinet HillTeacher’s Camp, Fairview Village, Gabriela Silang with two cases apiece and Aurora Hill Proper, Gibraltar and Santo Tomas Proper with one case each.

Alarmed by the number of cases and deaths, Mayor Benjamin Magalong reminded the public to keep their surroundings clean and ensure adherence to sanitation standards as cases of leptospirosis continue to increase. The health office cautioned the public that cases may continue to increase with the recent heavy rains leaving stagnant waters where leptospirosis bacteria may thrive.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that affects humans and animals caused by urines from rats. The bacteria can pass to humans through an open wound exposed to contaminated water or soil.
The public is advised to clean-up and ensure pest control as well as sanitation in their homes to help control the disease. Leptospirosis signs and symptoms include high fever, severe headache, non-specific symptoms of muscle pain, calfmuscle pain and reddish eyes in some cases.

Severe cases may result in liver involvement, kidney failure, brain involvement thus, some cases
may have yellowish body discoloration, dark-colored urine and light stools, low urine output and severe headache. The public is advised to seek medical attention if experiencing any of the signs
and symptoms.


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