Jose Maria Sison succumbed to his death exactly 10 days before the 54th founding anniversary of the terrorist organization that he established in December 1968—the Communist Party of the Philippines or the CPP. Some, particularly his fanatics and comrades, hailed him as a martyr who fought to effect change for the betterment of the Filipinos.

While these people romanticize Sison’s political struggle, this would not be fair for the victims of the terror attacks of the CPP and its armed wing, New People’s Army or NPA. This is not fair for the parents who lost their children only for a senseless cause and obsolete ideology. This is not fair for farmers who were used as alibi for their so-called agrarian revolution. This is not fair for workers who were deceived into joining labor strikes and ended up losing their jobs.

This is not fair for the urban poor who were used as dummies to acquire housing units. It would not be fair of the country to be portraying him as an advocate of progress when his terror group have done countless abuses, extortion, brutal killings and massacres and sabotage of development projects that deprived the entire country peace, security and progress in the past five decades and a half.

His comrades celebrate his death as if all these terror activities never happened under the leadership of Sison, using the lame justification that these are for their armed revolution to bring change to the country. This is a classic example of how the ends do not justify the means. Sison’s means is that of terrorism, and no one on his or right mind will ever accept such argument of Sison. So let his death mark the end of a 54-year of delusional revolution that is anchored on terrorism. Let it be the end of the Filipinos’ misery and a beginning of the road to lasting peace.

Amianan Balita Ngayon