Policewoman shot by father in Quirino province

A policewoman was rushed to the hospital after his father reportedly fired at the vehicle ferrying her home on Saturday in barangay Villa Norte, Maddela town in Quirino province, a belated report by the Cagayan regional police said. Police Corporal Riza Taipan Olosan, assigned at the Maddela town police station, suffered three gunshot wounds on her neck, when his father Robert reportedly fired at a private car driven by another policeman who is stationed in Alfonso Castaneda in Nueva Vizcaya, approached their home
at Saturday night.

The same policeman who drove the policewoman home Den Mark Galope rushed the victim to the hospital on board the same car fired at by the victim’s father. The car, police said, incurred two holes from the still
unidentified firearm and another one on the passenger side. The Cagayan regional police headquarters have not issued any update on the incident, neither any indication if Maddela town police had located the policewoman’s father-suspect.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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