ASF Outbreak Declared In Abra


The Provincial Government of Abra declared an outbreak of ASF in at least three towns as more cases of infections even among their wild pig (“alingo” or “boka”) population were recorded.

The ASF outbreak was noted in upland towns  — Malibcong, Daguioman and Tineg — Abra Provincial Governor  Maria Jocelyn Valera-Bernos admitted. 

Valera-Bernos promised that prevention and control measures will be placed in the three towns to thwart the further spread of the fatal swine virus to other towns in the province.

She said the transboundary animal disease with still no known cure or vaccine has been positively confirmed to affect wild pigs in Comia-as forest in uplang Malibcong, bordering with Kalinga.

On March 21, 2021, an ASF outbreak was declared in Malibcong, wherein continued testing and surveillance were conducted.  Such confirmed ASF infections among wild pigs and also native pigs in Tineg and Daguioman.

The provincial government then ordered the regular disease monitoring, surveillance and investigations of swine production and hog raising, including slaughtering and butchering activities within, and along the surrounding areas of ASF-infected areas.

The order included also the immediate reporting of disease occurrences in affected areas and areas at risk including surrounding communities.

Quarantine areas were also identified in Abra.

In accordance to national guidance on ASF control, the provincial government through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist ordered the banning of transporting of swine, swine products and by products including wild pigs within 500 meters from ASF infected areas that are placed under quarantine areas.

Artemio A. Dumlao