5th La Trinidad Legislative Awareness Week

LA TRINIDAD, BenguetVice Mayor Roderick Awingan and members of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of this capital town on Thursday (Dec. 14), presented their accomplishments and future
plans and programs , marking the 5th Legislative AwarenessWeek. In the State of Sangguniang Bayan Address, Vice Mayor Awingan reported that SB has passed 17 ordinances, 110 resolutions and 380 committee reports. On top, the body has approved the 2024 Municipal Annual Budget in the amount of P690 million, a seven percent increase from the previous year of P647 million.

Also toppng the list of approved ordinances are- local traffic code; emergency employment program; guidelines in hearing barangay complains; increased the honorarium of ‘bantay basura’ collectors; improvement of the tourism office; revised children code; amended the local Public
Employment Office. Others, created 13 priority positions; institutionalized Farmers Day, and the Mr and Miss La Trinidad in support of the local tourism efforts; Comprehensive Sports

Also passed the local mental health program; mandatory accreditation of all stakeholders at La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post (LTVTP); LT Silent Night ordinance emphasizing the right to sleep soundly; value cultural heritage; and adopted Martina Carantes Street in recognition for the heir of Carantes for donating a parcel of land for public use. The vice mayor, also the presiding officer of SB, expressed his gratitude to the member of the municipal council hardwork in crafting local laws
and measures and the residents of this town for their active support.

He also commended the officers and staff of the local legislative body for their tireless efforts in assisting the council. In fact, the able leadership of Awingan, La Trinidad Sangguniang Bayan was a
recipient of numerous recognitions being champion in provinvial and regional level , and finalist in the national for its legislative works. The vice mayor said the council has a lot more work to do to include– hasten the legislative tracking system and codification of ordinances; thus, human resource allocation is vital; expand SB extension program aim at reaching out to barangays like day care programs and projects.

Awingan rallied communities to participate in the deliberation of municipal ordinances, stressing the people’s opinions and suggestions are critical in crafting local measures…saying ‘we need to act now.’ The vice mayor also vowed the local senior citizen code will be passed before this year ends.
Other highlights, Councilor Teddy Walang, Chairman Committee Education , reported that some P13M School Board Budget for 2024 has been approved. Walang added that his committee is hopeful that the council will adopt measure to give incentives to local senior citizens whose age ranged from 70 and above.

Councilor Guiller Galwan, now a lawyer , Chairman Committee of Peace, Public Safety, said a measure to incentivise volunteers for disaster preparedness and other para medic operations are
up for adoption.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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