The city government of Baguio City will soon use artificial intelligence to manage the vehicular traffic in the nation’s Summer Capital. By leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, the city government’s traffic managers can analyze real-time data and make informed decisions to improve the flow of traffic in the city. Mayor Benjamin Magalong said negotiations with the Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) are now underway for the implementation of the smart mobility transportation system, which he hopes to be realized before the end of the second quarter of 2024.

“Ongoing na po ang ating negotiation at we are going to fast- track everything. Hopefully, before the end of the second quarter, we will be able to implement it,” Magalong said. The MPTC secured the original proponent status from the city government for the Smart Urban Mobility Project. The company partnered with Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. for the creation of technology-driven mobility solutions. “That would allow artificial intelligence to really manage ‘yung ating traffic dito sa siyudad ng Baguio,” Magalong said.

The company proposes to deploy integrated and tailor-fit systems for Baguio, including the Congestion Charging Scheme, Transport System Management, Smart Parking Management System, and Traffic Management and Enforcement System. Under the Congestion Charging Scheme, fees will be collected from private vehicles that drive into congestion areas during peak hours. This aims to redistribute traffic, and encourage the use of public transportation. For the Transport System Management, a mobile application will be used to access transport information,
and a centralized system for fare collection and settlement with public operators will be introduced.

This allows for efficient dispatch of public transport while supporting transport operators in
complying with the modernization program. A mobile application and strategically positioned
messaging boards will also be used for the Smart Parking Management System. This will provide real-time parking availability information to motorists and allow them to make cashless payments.
The Traffic Management and Enforcement System will use mobile applications and variable message signage to access traffic information.

Cashless payments for traffic violation tickets and towing fees will be implemented, and a GPS-enabled emergency response will be activated. With Baguio a favorite tourist destination, and an
educational center, this project is seen to address the perennial traffic problem in the city especially during weekends, holidays and peak tourist season.


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