Mayor Benjamin Magalong and local city government officials held a simple program leading to the opening of the first ‘Living Street’ in Baguio City, locally known as the Perfecto-Carantes Street on June 4, 2024. During the program, Mayor Magalong addresses the groups who helped bring about the accomplishment of the Perfecto-Carantes Street project and celebrates their hard work and determination, including the City Engineering office, Baguio Tourism Council, private sectors and local government officials to name a few.

According to City Engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo, the newly opened street is designed for slow traffic where pedestrians, cyclists, and individuals driving vehicles share the road. The street also features murals from the ”Ugnayan” project created by local visual artists, led by Venazir Martinez and Kunaya Lopez with the help of main artists Janelle Muena and Zelle Fermin. The murals portray the beauty and culture of Baguio City and the life found within its streets.

Despite encountering difficulties with its previous contractor during its initial implementation early 2022, the development of the Living Street underwent intensive reassessment, and was redesigned and rebid until a new contractor resumed the project and saw to its completion.  This made its opening even more special, as government officials finally opened to the public the First Living Street, after it had been two years in the making.

Vannah Carlos/ UC-Intern

Amianan Balita Ngayon