The City’s tourism program goes several notches more as the Baguio tourism Council steps up to foster greater tourism consciousness during the rainy months, following a hectic summertime of activities that once more
affirmed Baguio’s elite status as a favorite tourism destination in the country. This was affirmed by Gladys Vergara, Chairperson of the Baguio Tourism council during a meeting with key stakeholders who stand to benefit from the continued influx of tourists, foreign and domestic, even during the rainy season.

“We shall not let up in our vigor to foster a sustainable and responsible tourism consciousness for Baguio,” said Ms. Vergara pointing out that the basic thrust in these rainy months is to foster responsible tourism in keeping with Baguio’s endearing image as a premiere tourist destination. The eldest daughter of Baguio’s stalwart tourism action
man, the revered Bernardo M. Vergara – Congressman for 12 years, City mayor for a single tenure, and foremost tourism promoter as 8-year General Manager of the Philippine Tourism Authority – Gladys has been in the forefront since 2019 in promoting Baguio’s allure and charm before tourism groups throughout the country.

In the last BTC meeting, she announced various strategic steps to re-ignite tourism consciousness even more so during the second half of 2024, among which are: (1) the revision of the Baguio tourism code; (2) the elevation of the Tourism Office into a separate tourism department; (3) the launching of barangay led tourism green parks in available open public spaces; (4) the continued campaign more tourism stakeholders as part of the BTC expansion program. “It is our bounden duty to continue pushing for new tourism frontiers thus the need to set up barangay based tourism havens which should decongest the central business district and disperse the benefits of development at the grassroots level,” she further said.

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