Photo Caption: FIRE OUT  Photo above shows a Baguio Water District water delivery truck assisting in controlling the fire at the Baguio City Public Market in the evening of March 11, 2023. Attending BWD personnel were present on-site until the Bureau of Fire declared the fire under control at 4:38AM on March 12, 2023.

Photo by BWD


The Baguio Water District remains steadfast in its commitment to serve its host City as it answers the call for assistance in responding to the structural fire that razed Blocks 3 and 4 of the Baguio
City Public Market in the evening of March 11, 2023. The Summer Capital’s lone public water utility provided substantial support in extinguishing the fire that dissolved the market’s ‘kaldero section’ by propping up in the fetching and replenishing of water supply to the Bureau of Fire (BFP) fire
trucks during the emergency situation.

Moreover, water supply from BWD’s KM.8 and BGH tanks were diverted to supply water to the fire hydrants in the area. Per BWD records, around two hundred thirty (230) cubic meters of water was supplied and delivered to assist in drenching off the fire that was declared controlled by authorities at around 4:38AM on March 12, 2023. General Manager Engr. Salvador M. Royeca, at the height of the fire incident, instructed the District’s available field personnel to assist in the situation and
allowed the fetching of water at the nearest BWD deepwell and pumping stations along Kisad Road and Teacher’s Camp.

Moreover, GM Royeca ensured BWD’s commitment by supplying water as needed to assist during the clearing activities at the smoldered area of Baguio’s Public Market. Meanwhile, the District
expressed gratitude to the understanding and consideration of the consumers who were affected by the unscheduled water service Baguio Water District aids in dousing Baguio Market fire interruption due to the fire situation. As of 12:20AM on March 12, 2022, the entire Baguio Public Market, parts of Camp Allen, Padre Burgos Barangay, Padre Zamora Barangay, and part of
Magsaysay Avenue’s water supply were affected due to the power outage at the BWD Hilltop deepwell and BWD Market deepwell.

In the afternoon of March 13, 2023, both BWD facilities were operational upon the resumption of power supply. According to GM Royeca the water supplied will be charged to the Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) activities of the District. BWD’s core values have always been projected to provide a framework for establishing meaningful relationships with its stakeholders.

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