Bakun firemen conducted earthquake and fire drills to some schools

Last December 14, 2017, SFO Jonny L. Alinduza the municipal Fireman and his men visited our school to conduct earthquake drills and fire drills. Before the drills, they lectured about safety to the pupils and some parent’s in order to avoid house burning and avoid accident in case there is earthquake or house fire. They also demonstrated and instructed the pupils what to do.
In the lecture and drills, there are new things we learned that we didn’t do in the previous earthquake drills we conducted. It is really different if the experts are the one to conduct drills.
The said senior fire officer was just assigned in Bakun his home town two years ago but he and his men had already visited many schools conducting earthquake drills and fire drills. According to him, that is part of their works to bring their services to the people in different communities most especially to the new generation. The officer also said that they will again go around to different schools this 2018 once they are invited and provided they are still strong. ANTONIO B. LANTAEN / ABN

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