Photo caption:  CORONATION: Ms. La Trinidad winner Reynice Tello of Barangay Balili (left) being crowned as Mr. La Trinidad winner Miguel Jarrel Bas-ilen of Puguis (right) is given his sash.

Photo by Thea Rillera /UB Intern/ABN


La Trinidad, Benguet

Reynice Tello of Barangay Balili was named Ms. La Trinidad 2023 Sunday amid deafening cheers that filled Benguet State University (BSU) gymnasium. As supporters rushed to the front to take pictures and videos of the newly crowned queen, Tello hugged her fellow finalist before stepping forward alongside Mr. La Trinidad winner Miguel Jarrel Bas-ilen to receive her crown and sash.

Tello,21, accountancy student of Saint Louis University and whose main advocacy focuses on promoting better mental health awareness, bested 13 other young women who competed for the title. She wants to make mental health resources more accessible, especially to young people who might have a hard time looking for support and treatment. “I’m very happy (about winning) because I made a lot of preparations, and it was difficult, I’ve to balance my studies with the pageant, especially since we also have our intramurals.

I play basketball too, so time management is really important).” Tello said in the vernacular. “I didn’t join only to represent Balili. I was influenced by Sir Apolinario Bagano Jr., our Sangguniang representative , because I saw in him and I thought, ‘Ah, this is what a youth leader is like.” said Tello, The Balili lass hopes to use her title to empower the youth of her community, and to serve as a youth leader that can advocate for positive change and meaningful development. She stated that it had been a struggle trying to balance her personal life with preparations for the pageant, but that the end result was worth the hardship.

For aspiring youth, Tello said: “ Keep trying, because if it’s for you, then it’s for you. You don’t join and expect to win immediately.. you have to wait for your time, the right time. Because everything has a time.” The Balili beauty has been competing in pageants since she was a child. The previous year, she was first runner up in the Mr. and Ms. Bokod pageant.

The other winners were Cleanna Janica Tayab (Ms. La Trinidad 1st runner up), Hazen Jack Lapinas (Mr.La Trinidad 1st runner up), April Mon Diclas (Ms. La Trinidad 2nd runner up), and Javier Minong (Mr. La Trinidad 2nd runner up). During the coronation ceremony, contestants were allowed to present their creative Mardi Gras attire and evening gown to hundreds of excited onlookers. Thea Rillera/UB Intern/ABN


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