In span of eight years, the Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC) has facilitated a total vegetable trade of 972,293.34 metric tons (MT) Based on the obtained datas, the facility has generated Gross Receipts (GR) amounting
to P204,889,547.4 million and accumulated an overall Income (I) of P83,776,181.4 million. In 2023, total of vegetable traded posted at 167,710 MT while GR recorded at 42,621,531; and P 8,426 million in income. These figures show the exponential growth of vegetable trading and transactions in the multi-million trading center.

A breakdown of these numbers are as follows: · 2015 – MT = 269.5; GR = P122,888; I = P4,802,367.2 · 2016 – MT =
1,014.7; GR = P1,298,780; I = P15,464,070 · 2017 – MT = 71,227.2; GR = P10,100,427; I = P1,146,287.3
· 2018 – MT = 106,024; GR = P22,372,995; I = P9,164,337.12 · 2019 – MT = 122,017; GR = P25,098,484; I = P10,624,214 · 2020 – MT = 170,104; GR = P31,664,989; I = P11,074,305 · 2021 – MT = 167,090; GR = P33,762,210;
I = P7,783,999 · 2022 – MT = 166,838; GR = P37,847,245; I = P15,289,738

Also in 2023, among the major vegetables traded at the center were potato, cabbage – wonder ball, chayote, and
Chinese cabbage. Following closely were other vegetables such as cabbage – rare ball, radish, carrot, broccoli,
cauliflower, and lettuce- green ice. Potatoes emerged as the top commodity with a remarkable monetary value of
P341,096,228 in September alone, and a total volume of 44,921.9 (MT) for the entire year. Octavia Ablos, BAPTC’s
Extension Service Unit Head, reports that the trading center primarily sources its major vegetables from the towns of
Kibungan, Buguias, and Mankayan in Benguet Tinok, Ifugao, and Bauko in Mountain Province contribute significantly.

Additionally, high volumes of vegetables are obtained from Divisoria and Balintawak in Manila, Urdaneta, Batangas,
Bacolod, and Tacloban. In the same year, the center primarily generated revenue from trading fees and vegetable
trading stalls, with a total of P14,909,790 and P9,005,050 respectively. Additional revenue streams included parking fees, dormitory/guestel, commercial spaces on the first floor, dry and cold storage, washing space (carrot / potato), and comfort rooms. To date, the center has a total of 3,147 accredited individuals and organizations.

This comprises 1,079 farmers, including 922 individual farmers, 146 group farmers, and 11 inter-traders; 334 buyers or purchasers; and 966 laborers, consisting of 906 packers, 11 washers, 46 porters, and 3 additional groups of laborers; and 5 transport groups.

Ruffa Mae T. Payangdo -UB Intern/ABN

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