Phesco Inc. vows to complete circumferential road project

SABLAN, Benguet- The operation of the batching plant in Sitio Monglo, Barangay Bayabas is environmentally and health compliant, according to Phesco Inc. official. Phesco Inc.’s batching plant in the said barangay is critical in the delivery of concrete materials to the government road project as well as other road projects in other parts of Sablan.

As this developed, Phesco Inc./ Silverwolves Construction. Corp. vowed to complete its P286-M (3.6-
kilometer) circumferential road by December 31,2022. Robert Bulan, supervising engineer of Phesco Inc.
strongly reiterated its company’s claim that the operation of its batching plant abide all safety, health and
environmental requirements required by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR).

Bulan’s action came during the recent dialogue called by Sablan Mayor Alfredo Dacumos to address the issue of Phesco Inc.’s batching plant operation. Moreover, midway in the dialogue, the Phesco Inc. official echoed the Compliance Letter ( dated Sept 21,2022) to Sablan Vice Mayor Arthur Baldo regarding the issue. Based on the obtained Compliance Letter, Phesco Legal Department Anthony Angel Tejares, corporate lawyer, it stated the following:

Phesco Inc. already installed one big sum pit as collector of all water waste, where in all perimeter go
ground of mobile batching plant were sloped at the said sum pit. Following the installation of the sum pit,
there will be no problemwith waterways and canals, in compliance with the requirements of the Department
of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) Phesco Inc. already dispatched a crew solely assigned to clean the national and provincial road and to clear all fallen aggregates and other other materials.

Part of their duty and responsibility is to regularly check and unclog the waterways or canals. As to the alleged air pollution caused by the operation of the batching plant, although Phesco Inc.’s mobile batching plant itself has a dust collector,Phesco Inc. doubled the height of the fence in order to contain dust and noise.M oreover, on the alleged noise pollution produced by the generator, Phesco Inc. already secured a
quotation from BENECO and submitted our application form so we can access to electricity.

Phesco Inc. agreed that the operation of the mobile batching plant will be from 5:00 AM to 9 PM on a
daily basis until completion of the government project(s) we have within Cordillera Administrative Region
(CAR). The designated ingress and egress of all the utility vehicles including but not limite to bulk carrier,
transmixer and dump truck will only be one gate, which is located at the left portion of the property.

Relative thereto, the previously contested gate was already closed and transferred to a new location.
BARANGAY RESIDENTS SHOW SUPPORT Based on a signed “manifesto” by villagers of Barangay Bayabas and nearby barangays to Mayor Dacumos stated: “We the undersigned residents near the Phesco Batching Plant located (Monglo,Bayabas,Sablan), unanimously declare and manifest that the operation of said batching plant does not directly affect our health, “We are in favor for its operation to fast track the construction of Bayabas, Sablan Circumferential Road, to ease the problem/concerns of the

residents.” It stated further.
Primo Agatep/ABN

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