Benguet lawmaker fumes over remarks of “politicking” Pacman


BAGUIO CITY (October 26, 2021)— Benguet lawmaker Eric Go Yap censured Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao for “politicking” after the latter’s remarks made by the Senate public works commitee during the latter’s quick visit in Benguet Tuesday.

“It is very unfortunate that (Senator Manny) Pacquiao, who is seeking the presidency next year, decided to throw allegations that were clearly made to malign my reputation and character in Benguet,” the Benguet lawmaker fumed citing (the Senator’s) “narrative was consistent with those of my political opponents in the province.”

Yap claimed, “obviously, it was fed to him when he was here earlier and was carelessly used in his media interview.” The lawmaker though said, “I will not comment on his ability to discern the truth from lies, but I take offense on his statements which are clearly made for political gains.” He urged the Presidentiable, “please do not use me as one of your publicity stunts.”

Pacquiao vowed to probe the allegations on public works projects in Benguet, but according to Rep. Yap, “what is unfathomable here is the fact that he has a conclusion in mind already. May bumulong siguro na “Si Congressman Yap po ang may kasalanan dyan” and he stuck with that.”

He continued, “sabi nya meron daw 9B worth of projects na sinabing fully implemented na at ang alam nya, 25% completed pa lang?” Is that a question I should answer?, Yap raised. “Ako ba ang nagsabi na fully completed ang projects? Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the implementing agency?”

Yap urge Pacquiao “to be careful on his statements,” and continued to remind the senator, “Do not be a tool for the political interests of my opponents, you should know when a person is being used as a weapon by some people with selfish interests.”

Yap though understands, he said, “out of all these, it is evident, it is the election season once again.”

Artemio A. Dumlao