Benguet village bans “freedom of spit”

BAGUIO CITY(August 12, 2021)—Tired of hearing complaints from residents having to deal with the indiscriminate spitting of betel nut chewing sputum (“nganga”) on the streets and even in front on their residences by inconsiderate individuals, local lawmakers in Barangay Abatan, Buguias, Benguet decided to suppress the “freedom of spit”.
The barangay officials passed an ordinance imposing arrest on persons who are chewing “momma” (betel nut chew or nganga) found spitting on the grounds.
Aside from arrest, violators will be penalized or fined.
Village officials stressed that spitting betel nut sputum is unsanitary and unpleasing especially in public places.
The barangay ordinance will still be reviewed by the municipal council of Buguias but once approved, first offense will be P500, P750 pesos for second offense and P1,000 for third offense.
This is not the first time that ordinances were passed against spitting in public especially the reddish sputum from betel nut chewers.
Kiangan, Lagawe and later Lamut in Ifugao implemented local laws against indiscriminate “momma” spitting.
Also in Baguio City, the city council banned the same practice.
The transportation authorities also have prohibited public utility vehicle (puv) drivers from betel nut chewing while on the job.
Artemio A. Dumlao