Bineng Hydro Project to provide benefits to La Trinidad

After getting the approval of the La Trinidad Indigenous People Organization and the host barangays, Barangay Bineng, Alno and Alapang, Hedcor is getting the approval of the Municipality of La Trinidad for the 19-megawatt Bineng Combined Hydropower Project.
Last January and February, the IP community and the host barangays had already signed memoranda of agreement citing their approval of the project. The MOAs will give rise to various benefits such as financial assistance and development projects.
On top of the benefits from the MOA, the communities will also be beneficiaries of Hedcor’s corporate social responsibility programs centered on education, enterprise development and environment.
For 25 years of operation, the Municipality of La Trinidad had been partners with Hedcor.
In 2007-2009 Hedcor had been the highest tax payer of the municipality. With the operation of the Bineng Combined Hydro, the existing shares, taxes and CSR projects to the barangay, municipal and the province will also increase.
“We are thankful for the communities’ acceptance and trust. The project is one step ahead in driving change for a betterworld which we advocate,” says Chris Faelnar, Senior Vice President, Hedcor.
Bineng Combined is a renewable energy facility that will harness the Balili River. It is expected to start construction in the second quarter this year after all permits are secured.

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