Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is one of the known diseases that decrease the population all over the world.

This kind of sickness is not just well known among women but also in men.

In a research in 2017 by iMoney Philippines, Breast Cancer is the no. 5 most fatal diseases in the Philippines. Coronary Heart Disease is no. 1, followed by Hypertension, Stroke, Influenza, and Pneumonia.

Breast Cancer can be cured when detected early, Dr. Melchor Daguines Diclas said during his discussion with women on the 1st Women’s Day Celebration at Sitio Pilapil in Poblacion, Sablan Benguet on Friday, March 8.

Let us talk about the Risks, Causes and Solutions for Breast Cancer as part of the long Month Celebration of Women’s Month.

The Risks of having Breast Cancer Diclas said that as we get old, we have bigger chances of having this killer disease, aside from a family history or its being genetic, where it is unlikely that anyone could inherit.

Another risky factor of having Breast Cancer is the Menstrual Period, having it early or late Menopause indicates a higher chance of having Breast Cancer.

Women who are obese are also prone to Breast Cancer. People who eat more than the usual, is an unhealthy habit that can cause them their life.

Vices like drinking liquor immoderately and smoking can also be a contributing factor. How do we know when a person has Breast Cancer?

It is when you feel a painful swelling on your breast, deformed breast, either the left side or right and the presence of liquid coming out from the nipples without any reason.

But how do we prevent this killer disease? Good habits and a good attitude by going for regular check –up, and being conscious by touching our breast when taking a bath.

Regular exercise, examining our breast and our underarm for swelling also helps early detection.

X-ray Mammography is recommended nowadays for examination. However, Diclas also clarified that not all swelling is Breast Cancer.

Fibro adenoma, a very common benign swelling (not cancer) is usually felt before menstruation as part of the adolescent stage.

These are the things that need modifying – to change some parts of something. Let’s apply preventive medicine. Doc at your service para sa Gobyerno ang kailangan. Happy Womens’ Month! This is Tita Ara Katter, iKit Ng Bayan always reminding you: “Ti panagkaykaysa, mangiwanwan iti naranyag nga pagsayaatan.”

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