Bringing Art closer to the masses

A backstreet got busy with arts activities that attracted common people during Pasa-Kalye Art X-fusion with the theme Panagbenga Rev-Bloom Art convergence.
Pasa-Kalye Art X-Fusion was a project of Baguio Artist in partnership with Department of Tourism’s Rev-Bloom campaign, Davies Paint and Bookends Bookshop. It was also supported by Fred’s Gallery who provided the canvasses used by the artists during the event. It was organized by Barista Creatives, a non-profit organization composed of journalists and Bookends Bookshop’s proprietor.
The Panagbenga Rev-Bloom Art convergence was attended by several artists, some coming from as far away as Manila, Bataan and Davao. Davao artist Daryl Descallar who is known for his painting of President Rodrigo Duterte also attended the event and invited Baguio artists for another convergence in Davao this May.
Manila artists Julius Legaspi and Celeste Licaroz auctioned their artworks online to help the dialysis patients supported by Baguio Artists. “I’ve never done an auction before,” said Lecaros. “Unlike in exhibits and commissions, I have no grasp on how people would respond to or where the price will settle. But it’s a good cause and the amount will be entirely donated for the dialysis expenses of kidney patients in Baguio.”
The Baguio group was led by veteran artist Roland Bay-an and supported by International Artist Willy Magtibay. Bay-an is a contemporary of National Artist Ben Cabrera and serving as the adviser of the younger artists.
Maricar Docyogen, one of the proponens of the event said “Pasa-Kalye was started as an art-for-a-cause event where artists used their talents to raise funds for several dialysis patients in the City.” “Eventually, it evolved into a regular activity that also raised funds for other artists in need like the limbless Alex Pastrana Musni who was featured several times by ABS-CBN,” she said.
This series of Panagbenga Art X-fusion is to raise funds for a Cooperative Store for the artists themselves. It will sell art supplies where the artists can loan materials they need for their artworks.
The Pasa-Kalye Street Art camp will continue every weekends at T. Claudio and artists are welcome to join the art-for-a-cause activities. PR / ABN

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