Brent International School Baguio racked up two wins Friday morning and moved to within two games to earn the
right to face the unbeaten defending champion British School of Manila in the third season of the International
Schools Activities Conference at Brent Baguio’s Bulldogs gym. Brent Baguio defeated Davao’s Faith Internation
Academy 36-24, then thumped Southville International School and College, 36-29, to improve to 3-1, win-loss slate for 10 points and grab second spot.

Brent Baguio halved its first two games Thursday, a 43- 34 win over Brent Subic (2-1), 43-34, before falling to the
Dwight Lago coached BSM, 27- 41. The Jerry Jimenez mentored Brent Baguio was playing Brent Manila (1-3) as of this writing and will go for the finals slot when it faces Cebu International School (2-1) Saturday, March 16, morning.
BSM, mentored by Philippine Basketball Association veteran Dwight Lago, has been dominant of the annual competitions between the international schools with wins over Brent Manila, 44-32, a 42-18 victory over SISC but
struggled to stop CIS but prevailed 39-32.

BSM won last year’s edition of the ISAC by beating Brent Baguio. “But it is a taller task now with my nephew
Matthew after graduating last year,” said former University of Baguio point guard Cezar Sta. Maria, whose son KC is leading Brent Baguio now. “We came close to winning last year after beating BSM in the elimination only to come up
short. Then it was Matther and KC,” added the Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League basketball champion.
Matthew is the son of his older and only brother Mark, who led the Baguio Colleges Foundation (now the University
of the Cordilleras) to the Baguio-Benguet College Athletic Association (now the BBEAL) crown in 1995 by beating UB.

The elimination is until Saturday morning with the semifinals scheduled in the afternoon with the first ranked
going up the fourth ranked, while the second and third ranked teams decide the second finalist. The game is played with an eight minute time per quarter or a total of 32 minutes. Meanwhile, Brent Subic and BSM are leading in the
football for girls played at the Brent Football Ground beside the gym. Subic has been devastating as it blanked all its
opponents – Baguio 4-0, Manila 4-0, FIS 4-0 and FIA 6-0, to level up with the equally devastating BSM which has registered 19 goals against all opponents and has not given up a single goal.

BSM sent Baguio and Manila to school with similar 6- 0 wins, slowed down to a 3-0 win over FIA and 4-0 victory
over SISC. Subic and BSM are still playing as of this writing to decide which will take top spot before the semifinals on Saturday, March 16, afternoon where the first ranked team goes up against the fourth finisher, and the second and third placers decide the other finals slot.

Pigeon Lobien

Amianan Balita Ngayon