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Women’s Let Me Hear You Roar

Happy Women’s Month! Before the March ends La Trinidad Women’s Federation celebrate ones again its yearly get-together empowerment to its constituents. President Josephine Leon said that respect, appreciation, love and care is a good foundation to show to every woman as a part of the betterment of our community. Leon also added that continuation on […]

The Goodness of Lemon

And all that I can see is just a Yellow Lemon Tree. I have been drinking lemon juice for quite some time, and it has been a year already, actually. A friend told me that if I want to reduce weight I shall drink lemon juice which I did. Squeezing the cut lemon into lukewarm […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is one of the known diseases that decrease the population all over the world. This kind of sickness is not just well known among women but also in men. In a research in 2017 by iMoney Philippines, Breast Cancer is the no. 5 most fatal diseases in the Philippines. Coronary Heart Disease is […]

Teremikasi Indonesia!

Travelling is fun when you seek guidance, protection and wisdom in your prayer to Jesus in the morning. Along with entering a new country is a revelation, somehow, of new culture, practice, tradition, language and character that you have to adapt for a while, then you just go with the flow. My tri-city tour is […]

The Snake, the Crab and the Pig

Did you play Snake and Ladders when you were a kid? Well I did. But do you know the story behind it and the lesson you get to learn from this game? If you are interested to know then I will gladly narrate it. Once there was a group of friends that wished to reach […]

Hygiene Promotion

Personal hygiene refers to achieving comfort and promoting personal cleanliness which is very important for our physical and psychological being. Hygiene is basic need for good health and to boost self-confidence of every individual. First to look forward on hygiene promotion is the following: mouth care that includes gums, and tongue, teeth and lips. We […]

Wonderful, unforgettable Ilocos Norte

So many places to go, so limited time you have. A travel to Ilocos Norte is such a wonderful and unforgettable place to go whatever time of the year. Well just like Sagada in Mt. Province that wherever your eyes reach it’s all magical, in Ilocos you have to travel to reach their tourist destination […]

Truly amazing dragon fruit

Do you like to travel? Well I do. I went to Refmad Farm in Paayas, Burgos, Ilocos Norte with my family to visit a farm planting dragon fruit. It surprised us that the lady who owned the plantation is from Baguio as well. It is surprising that they make a very affordable ice cream, dragon […]

Love is in the Air

1 Cor. 13:13 “Faith, Hope, Love but the greatest of this is Love.” Some people thought that February is the only Month of Love. Love with our husband, wife, girlfriend and boyfriend with all the preparation of date and gifts. But actually December is the month of love on general, whether for immediate family, relatives, […]

Making list

Thirty days to Christmas, 30 days to you, have you ever tried to make a list of the things to do?

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