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Work with your hands

Once again I have been with businessmen these past few days with their insights on this generation with regards to economic growth. Making money nowadays is truly easy because of social media. Unlike before that you cook yema, polvoron, halo-halo, barbecue, palamig, garage sale, and some kalye food, selling cosmetic products and sell them outside […]

The ‘it’ word

It’s free to dream and not to boast. I have so many dreams in life that so far step by step I have accomplished them, one by one, with the help of some people and through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I know that some of you have the same dreams as […]

The long weekend

As we are about to approach the long weekend, I know that some of you are already thinking of the things to do when that day comes. Surely some will start their holidays early as we expected from October 30 or the end of the month of October since it will last until November 3 […]

The kontrabida

A businessman once said that Chinese people have this kind of practice that they usually throw away their things after they use it for a year because they do believe that bad luck will come their way – through the down fall of their business, health, wealth and etc.

Filling up your cup

Here comes the month of the year again when one cannot avoid talking about the upcoming Election 2019. Some officials from the higher up try to change the Constitution in order to stop, delay, improve and develop our state.

Are you a judge?

Your job requires you to meet and talk with different kinds of people whatever their status in life. Sometimes, some people misunderstand each other because of the way we talk, the way we dress-up, the way we carry ourselves, and the way we even look in the eyes.

A relief of relieve

Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) caused so much damage in the province of Benguet particularly in the municipality of Itogon where 49 was recorded dead as of Sept. 20, 2018. Estimated production loses and damages on agriculture as per the record from Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council last Sept. 17, 2018, 5pm, total value is […]

The prominence of communication

Communication for the benefits of society is the transparency of the government to its constituents. The public needs to know where their taxes go. What are the projects and programs that need attention? Who will benefit from these projects and programs? How would they participate in order to push thru or not on these particular […]

Are you safe at the sidewalk?

The Sidewalk Ordinance proposed by City Councilor MylenVctoriaYaranon is clearing all sidewalks on anti-obstruction at the city business district, then afterwards barangay road, prohibiting vendors, structures and parking. How safe are the sidewalks now in the city of Baguio? City Administrator Atty. Carlos Canilao said that generally, sidewalks in the city are still safe. However, […]

Incentives and benefits of child development worker

The National Day Care Worker’s Week is celebrated every June 7 under proclamation No. 404 series of 2003 in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991 to recognize the contribution of our Day Care Workers providing substitute parental care and early childhood education to our children. It is only fitting to […]

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