City Building Official Arch. Johnny Degay has dismissed as misleading circulating reports and posts on the alleged poor workmanship of the newly built barangay multi-purpose building at Bakakeng Central, the upgraded barangay hall that serves as model for similar projects in the city. Degay said that contrary to the posts which made it appear that there was a massive damage in the structure, there was no defect in the building.

The damage on the wooden floor of the basketball court was only due to water that accumulated from an
undetected leak from the roof deck. “The leak was minor but since it was not detected right away, water seeped through the and caused the wood planks to expand,” Degay said. He said the photos shown were taken when the workmen were doing corrective measures which necessitated dismantling of tiles at the roof deck to trace and plug the source of the leak and the wood planks to determine the extent of water
seepage and replace those damaged.

The repair will be at no cost to the city since it is covered by the warranty period.Degay assured that the
project is in accordance with the engineering standards. The contractor was able to follow the project specifications especially since the CBAO implemented strict monitoring of the project in compliance with
Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s thrust to ensure quality project output and eliminate corruption or “lagay system” in the implementation of projects in the city.

He said the leak came to their attention fro the report of the punong barangay . “It was not immediately
determined that water had seeped from the roof deck and slowly accumulated for days on the floor,” Degay said. He said they immediately called the attention of the contractor who contacted the specialty contractor who undertook the floor works.

Dismantling and replacement works already started last week. Degay denounced the posted misleading information on the matter without first determining the cause,

Aileen P. Refuerzo/Baguio-PIO

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