The local government apologized for any inconvenience that the delayed completion of the road repair project along Perfecto-Carantes Streets has caused to the public over the past several months. However, the City Engineering Office (CEO) assured the public that it is doing everything within its power to expedite the ongoing process and minimize further delays in the implementation of the said project.

“We understand the impact this has had on the timeline and the inconvenience it has caused harm to the public. We understand that the delays and uncertainties surrounding the project may have caused frustrations and raised questions among the concerned masses,” the CEO stated in a public advisory.

The road development along Perfecto-Carantes Streets had experienced a halt in construction progress since December 13, 2022 and the reason for the termination of the contract between the local government and the earlier winning contractor was the result of the latter’s failure to deliver the expected output and accomplish the said project as outlined in the initial agreement.

The aforesaid unfortunate circumstances prompted the local government to take immediate action in order to ensure that the project will be completed to the highest standards. The CEO added that
following the termination of the contract, the project underwent a comprehensive design to assess the previous work done and identify the most effective way to proceed with the same.

According to the CEO, after the conduct of the study on the plan, the bidding phase will be done with qualified contractors being invited to participate as the local government will work diligently
to evaluate the proposals to ensure the city will engage the most competent and reliable contractor for the task.

Dexter A. See/ABN

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