BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Benjamin Magalong ratified city council resolution no. 339, series of 2022, designating representatives from the august body to the Public-Private Partnership for the People
Initiative (P4) selection committee pursuant to section 14 of ordinance no. 61, series of 2017. The local legislature considered a letter dated 19 July 2022 of city administrator Bonifacio Dela Pena, P4 selection committee chairperson, requesting for appropriate resolution designating representatives from the city council to the committee.

The P4 committee will again meet to carry out its functions in the pre-selection and selection process of the
Summer Capital’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. To date, there are two unsolicited PPP proposals that are now in the negotiation stage namely: 1. Market Redevelopment; and 2. Intermodal Terminal Project. With the new set of elected officials to the city council and pursuant to ordinance no. 61,
series of 2017 as amended by ordinance no. 160, series of 2020, which provides for the composition of the P4 selection committee, there shall be five representatives from and selected by the august body in
an appropriate resolution who shall be designated as members of the committee.

The approved measure states that pursuant thereto, there is a need to designate incumbent members of the city council as representatives of the PPP for the People Initiative Code. During city council deliberations, members agreed to designate Vice Mayor and presiding officer Faustino Olowan, and councilors Peter Fianza, Mylen Yaranon, Leandro Yangot, Jr., Isabelo Cosalan, Jr., and the chairperson of the concerned city council committee that has jurisdiction over the project subject of selection.

Gaby B. Keith.Baguio-PIO

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