The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance
expanding the coverage and increasing the fines for violations of roadside parking in various streets in the city. The proposed ordinance authored by all members of the local legislative body seeks to amend certain provisions of Ordinance No. 68, series of 2020 which regulated the use of certain roads or streets within
the central business district in the city.

Under the proposed amendment, among the prohibited acts or activities along the roadside parking spaces, regardless whether fees have been paid, shall include staging area for public utility vehicles; repair bays, except to change flat tires; car washing; vending of whatever articles while using the area; double
parking; others that will obstruct, prevent or modify the intended use of said roads and parking of motor vehicles marked ‘for sale’ or in any phase or words in circumvention depicting the same meaning as to effect sale or swap, and any act of disguise to confound detection by authorities.

Further, any person violating the said expanded prohibitions shall be ordered to remove his or her vehicle and shall be fined P1,000 for the first offense, P3,000 for the second offense, P5,000 for the third offense and every offense thereafter shall be penalized the maximum amount of P5,000. The proposed ordinance
declared that in the above instances, a traffic citation ticket shall be issued to the owner or clipped in the windshield or any visible part of the vehicle, indicating details of the particular provisions violated for proper

Earlier, the research division of the City Council conducted a legislative monitoring and evaluation on Ordinance No. 68, series of 2020, and relative thereto, Engr. Januario S. Borillo, head of the traffic and transportation management division of the City Engineering Office; Police Col. Glen Lonogan, former City Director of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO); Police Capt. Angelo B. Naoy, Acting Commander of BCPO Police Station No. 10, and various punong barangays in the city submitted their comments and recommendations which sought the expansion of the prohibited acts and activities and the increase of the fines on violators of the said ordinance.

Dexter A. See/Baguio-PIO

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