A statement by Beverly Longid, Global Coordinator , International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-
Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL). Indigenous Peoples around the globe joined workers, peasants, youth and other marginalized sectors in calling for an urgent and pro people response to the climate crisis. This month, global leaders converged in Egypt for COP27 to supposedly address the effects of climate change– but much like past COPs, this year is not much different as it serves as a venue for governments and businessmen to peddle lies, greenwashing, and corporate-interests.

Such frameworks deliberately neglect the rights, role, and importance of Indigenous Peoples in building a more sustainable planet. Indigenous Peoples are linking arms with the broadest sections of society in an
effort to consolidate the most potent force that can halt the worsening climate condition on our planet. If governments and corporations do not take notice, we, the people, shall take matters into our own hands and ensure that the culprits of the climate crisis are held accountable.

Although peoples’ organizations, mass movements, and CSOs take part in COP, there is no hiding the fact that Conferences like these do not take into account the demands of marginalized peoples, who are the most affected by the climate crisis – by not seriously actioning on the commitments made during the present and past meetings, COP only creates the illusion of civic space in conferences like these.

Indigenous Peoples are rising for climate justice, fighting back against environmental destruction and
imperialist plunder. Last November 12, Indigenous Peoples joined various sectors around the world in protesting against climate imperialism, environmental destruction, and attacks against land and environmental defenders. As the crisis worsens, the face of the enemy becomes clearer– the powerful capitalists that carve out the world’s natural resources in a crusade to further extract profit.

The titanic scale of extracting resources from forests, mountains, and communities has resulted in deforestation, flattening of mountainous terrains, extinction of various species, and ecological imbalance.
The world is heating up– while CEOs, corporate executives, and state leaders sit in the comfort of their airconditioned offices and artisan chairs, Indigenous Peoples and other marginalized peoples around the world are drowning in floods, suffering heat waves, famines, and homelessness.

There is no stopping the growing resistance of Indigenous Peoples around the world. We are rising up, we are organizing, working together, and linking arms with the most oppressed peoples of the world to fight for climate justice, land, and rights.


Amianan Balita Ngayon