Closer Together amid the Pandemic


Absolutely nothing prepared us for the onslaught of the COVID19 pandemic. An insidious, deadly, and unseen enemy that has already enveloped much of the known world. All developed nations, those with available resources and technology, are currently competing with each other, either in collaborative partnership or unilateral action, in a race to find an effective vaccine and stave off further COVID19 infections.

The light at the end of the tunnel may still seem a bit way off but at least most nations are now doing their best to prevent, contain, mitigate, control and manage the spread of the virus. A virus
that has so far escaped being stamped out in this present civilization.

Is there a silver lining in all of these? Absolutely yes! For starters all governments, especially those affected by the COVID19 infestation has begun to be exposed in their ability to govern their people. For some, particularly in the US of A where a presidential election is just several weeks away, the virus issue might just be the crucial factor that would determine who would be the next president of the most powerful nation in the world.

For others the trust and confidence of their constituencies are now being tested especially in the area of delivering indispensable public service which is badly needed. But the real game changer is that for the moment people, for the most part, have retreated to their homes and secluded themselves with their families trusting to their blood, ancestry and law kinship to tide them over the prevailing crisis.

This is a good thing actually because for once people, by force of circumstance, are realizing the blanket of security provided by that basic unit of society, the family. More and more we see posts in the social media where families are celebrating their time of being together and being united in their effort to protect themselves against the virus.

In terms of its sociological impact, its deadly nature notwithstanding, the virus has temporarily broken, to a limited extent, the dis-connect brought about by the external and environmental influences, as well as factors, which has destroyed the social relevance of the family.

In fact, even with the prevalence of technology such as the internet and cell phones family members quarantined in their homes for several months would likely have been forced to talk to each other even for a moment or two simply to break the monotony of isolation. You can only go so far in being online and communicating through cellphones with other people and avoiding face-to-face engagement, especially with members of your family.

Even those love ones dislocated by distance the need for communicating with them and finding out their situation has gained an urgency not seen or experienced during ordinary times.

So, if there is one thing that we can consider as being good that has come out of the present crisis it is that the family as a cohesive unit of society has once more become relevant to a lot of people.

Notwithstanding the anxiety of experiencing other hardships brought about by COVID19 such as the economic downturn we are comforted by the realization of the opportunity to focus and rekindle ties with our family.