LAGAWE, Ifugao (PIA)

Residents of barangay Poitan in Banaue town celebrated recently celebrated their 2nd “Ammungan Ad Poitan” (gathering) showcasing their rich cultural practices. Maricel Cango, a dedicated volunteer, together with Indigenous People Mandatory Representative Marcelino Immoliap,
spearheaded the cultural activity with the full support of municipal and barangay officials.

“This community gathering aims to sustain the transmission of our rich culture and traditions to the present generation including active community participation,” Cango said. The two-day cultural
fiesta on September 15 and 16 featured indigenous games including those related to the agricultural cycle of Ifugao such as Batawer (Rice bundle ) relay where men carrying poles with bundles of palay at both ends race against each other in the rice fields, munbayo (rice pounding), and rice wine making.

Other contested activities include native dance, ethnic ensemble, binakle making, guyyuchan (tug-of-war), akkad (stilt race), hanggur (arm wrestling), and burtung (wrestling). Guest of honor and
speaker Lawyer Cynthia Dogwe from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples- Ifugao
lauded the community of Poitan for initiating the festivity for the benefit of the next generation.
Mayor Joel Bungallon enjoined the barangay officials to legislate an ordinance putting or declaring the “Ammungan ad Poitan” cultural event as an annual barangay festival.

The mayor assured the support of the municipal government and officials to the community event that will help promote the tourism industry of the municipality. Cango disclosed that the event was first conducted last year as a community event for a cause that gained more than P169,000 for medical assistance for the beneficiary.

(JDP/MBL- PIA CAR, Ifugao)

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