Comprehensive Environmental Code of La Trinidad

The Philippines Environmental Code is a body of Law setting forth management policies and prescribing quality standards for the Environment as a whole contained in Presidential Decree No. 1152. There are actually five major laws: The Clean Air Act, The Safety Drinking Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Re-authorization Act.

The main purpose of Environmental Law is to protect and preserve the Environment for humanities sakes in the future. There are two main subjects of Environment Laws and that is to control of pollution, conservation and management land for both sections this law protect the land, air, water and soil.

The La Trinidad Environment and Natural Resources Sustainable Management and Development Code is now been tackled finally in the Sangguniang Bayan of La Trinidad. Vice Mayor Roderick Awingan emphasized that being comprehensive covers all the sectors of society, different align government agencies and the concern of a certain individual.

Comprehensive means helping the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR to strictly implement all National Law into a local ordinances pertaining to Environment. And this is in pursuant to Article II Section 16 of the Philippine Constitution of the Local Government Code of 1991 to exercise the general welfare.

And now, La Trinidad came up with Comprehensive Environment Code for Awingan said “who will do it if we’re not going to do it now? We planned to finish it before the year ends.”

Now helping the main Government Agency in sustainable management and development of the Environment and Natural Resources is in need to enact policy that shall embody different policies, projects and activities as a responsible LGU.

Mayor Romeo Salda also indicated that this Environmental Code has been a long-time dream for the Municipality of La Trinidad which it will shed light on issues of the Communal Forest (Water Reservoir), Land used Land (Squatting), Solid Waste Management in terms of Air Pollution and Soil Preservation.

La Trinidad will be the first to compile all concerns on Environment under all the Municipalities in Benguet Province. Sharing in the responsibility in the management and improvement of Water Bodies and Water Quality, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Toxic Substances; Hazardous and Nuclear Waste, Wildlife Resources and Habitats, Air Quality, Ecological Solid Waste Management, Forest and Watershed Management, Land Management and Ecological Tourism is on the Draft of the La Trinidad ENR Sustainable Management and Development Code.

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