Consortium on highland commodities held in Adivay Day

LA TRINIDAD, BENGUET – To benefit the farmers and the small and micro entrepreneurs from the researches, innovation and the technology of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the agency hosted a three day consortium coinciding with the Adivay celebration.
The Highland Agricultural, Aquatic and Resource Research and Development Consortium (HAARRDEC) featured the highland commodities in the province.
The HAARRDEC is a nationally recognized consortium of diverse and competent institution embodying excellent leadership in sustainable research, development and extensive program on agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources for resilient and globally competitive communities by 2022.
Doctor Melvin B. Carlos, chief science research specialist director from DOST, said that the Adivay celebration is a good avenue to showcase the innovations and technologies developed by DOST.
He said that in order to boast the future of the agriculture industry, they have to provide appropriate cultural venues for an effective science and technology encounter for the farming industry. “We have to commercialize the presentation of our technologies to yield greater benefits among our farmers including those in micro-enterprising business,” Carlos said.
The consortium runs from November 15-17, 2017, highlighting techno-forum on potato, sweet potato, strawberry, coffee, ornaments, and native pigs. “The research institute of DOST believes that technology is very important in boasting the prospect of our agriculture future,” Carlos said.
The topics discussed during the event includes disease-free planting materials and seed production, management of cyst nemotode and bacterial wilt using trichoderma and disease management for potato and sweet potato.
Tissue culture and clean planting materials, management of soil borne diseases using trichoderma, insect pest management and processing for strawberry; coffee cupping, technology exhibit, market encounter, and farmers’ forum are also included in the discussion.
“We have to provide viable business prospects to our farmers and micro-entrepreneurs to open infinite possibilities of achieving the abundance and prosperity of life in the agriculture industry,” Carlos said. DIONISIO DENNIS JR. / ABN

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