Embracing inclusivity, closing the gender gap:

Photo Caption: With Converge President and Co-Founder Maria Grace Uy (first row, 4th from left) as a co-captain in the company, Converge has been an empowering organization for women despite being in an industry where men tend to outnumber women in terms of leadership and technical roles.

Leading fiber broadband and technology provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is standing in solidarity with women in celebration of Women’s Month, underscoring the contributions of the female workforce and the importance of empowering women leaders, especially in the technology sector. Converge President and Co-Founder Grace Uy said
despite being in an industry that has predominantly male composition, Converge actively cultivates a collaborative
workplace where women’s participation is valued and everyone has the opportunity to succeed based on their merits
and abilities.

“In the company, we give equal chances for everyone to speak up and come up with suggestions regardless of gender. As a woman in the organization, I see to it that our women employees would see themselves as equal to anyone
without thinking they will not be heard just because they are a woman,” she said. Setting as a role model for the women workforce in the industry, Uy received several awards as a testament to her contributions in the local telco space. Just this month, she was recognized in the Inquirer Women of Power Awards which celebrates female leaders who made tangible impact in their respective fields.

She was also hailed last year in the acclaimed Stevie Awards for Women in Business, winning the Gold Stevie for Woman of the Year Technology Category Uy said Converge is a company that values diversity and inclusivity, allowing everyone to climb the leadership ladder and succeed in their respective roles. Based on the company’s 2023 data, one in every three leadership posts across the company is occupied by women, from managerial, senior leadership, or executive positions, while female employees make up 36 percent of the company’s total workforce.

Furthermore, Converge SVP & Corporate Compliance and Data Protection Officer Atty. Laurice Esteban-Tuason
urged local tech firms to continuously empower women in leadership roles, which is essential for driving innovation
and achieving organizational success. “A diverse workforce performs better than a homogenous group. A more diverse group of workers bring a larger breadth of ideas and talent to the table than one that is not. This diversity is
something that our President Grace Uy has recognized and continues to champion in the workforce,” said EstebanTuason during the She Slays 2024 forum.

As part of its corporate governance initiatives, Converge enforces a Board Diversity Policy, which indicates that the selection for the board of directors must be done irrespective of gender, race, nationality, or cultural background. This was exemplified in the addition of former Senior Associate Justice Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe as a second female member of the Converge Board. By setting this tone from the top, Converge likewise recognizes that gender equality
must be established in the workplace. “Skills and expertise should always come first. Even in the ICT field, the company has no gender bias.

We value the contribution of women engineers who work in the technical departments and senior leadership positions,” Esteban-Tuason noted. She also mentioned that Converge embraces an equal opportunity perspective when developing talent, and in terms of promotions, and recruitment, skills are the most important factor they consider. Under the leadership of Uy, Converge employs different programs to support female employees in the company. Last year, Converge launched its Grace Under Pressure: MentorSHE program, a woman-to-woman leadership training that provides mentoring sessions for next-inline women leaders in the company. The initiative is seen to boost the opportunities of women in Converge to move forward in their careers in the organization.

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