Councilor Levy Lloyd Orcales and Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan have proposed an amendatory ordinance seeking to increase the overprice on movie admission tickets set aside for recognized charitable institutions, organizations, and/or activities in the city. An overprice is an additional amount levied or
imposed on certain economic or business transactions by the local government to generate funds for social services.

The proposed ordinance, if and when approved, will further amend Ordinance 118- 1950 as amended by Ordinance 07-1985, Ordinance 32-1987, Ordinance 34-1987, Ordinance 40-1987, Ordinance 48-1987, Ordinance 89-1988, and Ordinance 40-1996. According to the proposal, necessary adjustments need to
be undertaken to ensure that the intent of the original ordinance will be truly realized considering the inflation and other socio-economic changes that have transpired throughout the years.

Orcales, principal author, said that the original ordinance, Ordinance 07-1985, as amended, is outdated; thus the need to further amend it. There is a need to improve this ordinance, as amended, to adapt to the current needs and demands of various sectors who are in need of social services, he said. Under the proposed ordinance, the overprice on each movie admission ticket issued by different movie theaters in
the city shall be raised from 25 centavos to 50 centavos and shall be due and paid by the concerned proprietor, lessee, or operator to the city treasurer not later than the fifth day of the month after each quarter.

The amount shall be determined on the basis of a true and complete return of gross receipts derived
during the preceding quarter filed for the purposes of the amusement tax imposed under the provisions of Tax Ordinance 2000-01. If the amount collected is not paid within the prescribed period, the proprietor, lessee, or operator shall pay a surcharge equivalent to 25% of the amount due. If the same remains unpaid
after 15 days, a penalty shall be imposed. The proposed ordinance shall also amend the distribution of proceeds of the overprice.

The share allocation of the Philippine Red Cross Baguio Chapter shall be cut down from 30% to 20% while the share allocation of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation Baguio (Local Council for the protection
of Children) shall increase from 5% to 10%. The Chapter or Local Youth Development Office, Office of
the Senior Citizens Affairs, and Bahay Pag-asa of the City Social Welfare Development Office shall be included as recipients of proceeds with a share allocation of 10%. The Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office shall likewise be included as a recipient with a share allocation of 5%.

The share allocation of Boy Scouts of the Philippines Baguio Council and Girl Scouts of the Philippines shall remain at 10% while the share allocation of the Philippine Mental Health Association, and police fund shall remain at 5%. In order to ensure the transparent and efficient utilization of the proceeds, a reportorial requirement shall be prepared and submitted by the charitable institutions and welfare organizations to the City Accounting Office every quarter. This report shall contain a breakdown of utilization on identified programs, projects, and activities intended for the delivery of social services to children, youth, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens in the city.

Attachment of an approved project proposal shall be made integral to the report. Failure of any concerned
institution/organization to comply with the requirements shall result in the non remittance of share by the City Accounting Office until compliance is made covering the preceding quarter. Any concerned
personalities who violate any provision of the ordinance shall be fined ranging from P1,500.00 to P5,000.00 and shall have their businesses suspended for not more than three months.

The ordinance was approved on first reading last Monday during the council session and referred to the
Sanggunian’s Committee on Appropriations and Finance for review.

Jordan G. Habbiling

Amianan Balita Ngayon