The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved the proposed P2.309 billion annual budget of the city government next year to continue the dispensation of basic urban services of some eighteen city departments, including the city council, and nine national government agencies in the service of the city.
The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved the proposed city’s P2.309 billion 2022 budget.
Further, the city’s approved annual budget also incorporates the devolution of functions on account of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling of the Supreme Court (SC). Based on the approved annual budget submitted to the local legislative body, personnel services account for P920,078,000.00, maintenance and other operating expenses – P923,472,654.00, capital outlay – P78,872,000.00, development fund – P273,000,000.00 and disaster risk reduction and management fund – P114,233,000.00.
The estimated budget for next year will be supported by the income certified by the local finance committee to be collected from local and external sources beginning balance – P25,000,000.00, local sources – P802,230,000.00 and external sources – P1,482,425,654.00.
The local or internal sources are classified as tax revenue which is equivalent to P452,550,000.00 and non-tax revenue which represents some P349,680,000.00.
On the other hand, the external sources is comprised of share from National Tax Allotment (NATA) – P1,364,425,654.00, share from economic zone – P115,000,000.00 and share from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) – P3,000,000.00.
The approved expenditures of the different offices ranked to their budgetary allocation are City General Services office – P383,304,000.00, development fund – P273,000,000.00, City Health Services Office – P228,501,000.00, City Engineering Office – P173,235,000.00, non office expenditures – P170,576,654.00, Sangguniang Panglungsod – P121,573,000.00, Disaster risk reduction and management fund – P114,233,000.00, City Social Welfare and Development Office – P106,071,000.00, City Mayor’s Office – P104,047,000.00, City Treasury Office – P89,341,000.00, City Environment and Parks Management Office – P89,305,000.00, City Buildings and Architecture Office – P68,131,000.00, City Administrator’s Office – P59,638,000.00, City Veterinary and Agriculture Office – P48,439,000.00, City Human Resource and Management Office – P32,132,000.00, City Assessor’s Office – P30,419,000.00, Baguio city Police Office (BCPO 0 P30,000,000.00, Department of Education – City Schools Division – P30,000,000.00, City Accounting Office – P27,046,000.00, City Planning and Development Office – P26,398,000.00, City Budget Office – P22,331,000.00, City Legal Office – P22,198,000.00, Civil Registry office – P16,004,000.00, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office – P13,159,000.00, City Library – P8,254,000.00, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – male dorm – P7,213,000.00, Baguio City Fire Station – P4,875,000.00, City Prosecutor’s Office – P3,583,000.00, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – female dorm – P2,092,000.00, Regional Trial Court – P1,750,000.00, Municipal Trial Court in cities – P1,580,000.00 and Commission on Audit -P1,227,000.00.
The approved budget complied with the guidelines prescribed by the provisions of the Local Government Code and all other issuances related to the same.
Dexter A. See/ABN

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