DepEd Cordillera Targets Zero Drop-out

BAGUIO CITY(May 18, 2021) — The Department of Education (DepEd) Cordillera is targetting a zero drop-out in the region this school year where blended learning is implemented.
To achieve such, DepEd Cordillera Regional Director Estela Cariño appeals to the teachers to give considerations to their students until the last periodic quarter of the school year.   She urged the teachers to give their learners a chance after receiving reports that there are many students who do not submit or submit their answer to the modules being provided to them for various reasons.
According to Cariño, they are employing immediate measures to address such issues.   She said they are going to visit students especially those who needed more attention or assistance in their studies.
She also said that the teachers are finding ways or much better methods for the benefit of their students. Cariño added they are maximizing the use of the electronic gadgets that will make the studies and lessons easier for the students.
Cariño also said that they are continuously visiting the different schools to know the situation better for both the teachers and students.
Artemio Dumlao