Diligent Baguio Cops Unearth Murder In 7 Y.O Boy’s Brutal Death

BAGUIO CITY (June 10, 2020) – The death of a 7-year old boy would have easily “slipped” as suicide, but not with Baguio City cops’ diligent probe. The shocking death was murder.
Startling details of physical abuse on the 7-year-old victim, who supposedly hanged himself on the window grills May this year, is bringing Baguio police to file murder and RA 7610  or law providing for strong deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination) against the couple who were supposed to take care of the boy. 
Another obstruction of justice suit against the boy’s auntie and two more relatives who helped sneak out the battered boy’s cadaver to Banaue, Ifugao will be filed, Baguio police director Col. Allen Rae Co said Tuesday afternoon.
The boy was rushed unconscious to the hospital from barangay Ambiong on May 30, after his auntie, Lolly Ann Dalipog found his niece hanging from a window grill with a scarf looped around his neck, Col. Co narrated.
The boy is the son of Mrs. Dalipog’s OFW sister.
Suicide could have been easily concluded but “suspicion arose when investigators, who conducted a follow-up at the Notre Dame Hospital, and doctors, discovered bruises on different parts of the victim’s body,” prompting them to doubt Mrs. Dalipog’s statements, Col. Co said.
When cops pursued that the boy undergo autopsy examination “to rule out the possibility of foul play”, Mrs. Dalipog and her relatives declined, hence fueling investigators suspicions ensuing to an in-depth and full-blown criminal investigation.
Though initially agreeing for an autopsy on June 1, Mrs. Dalipog with the help of Marcelino Walang and Wenzel Duccog sneaked out the boy’s cadaver for a supposed June 4 burial but were flagged down along the Baguio-Nueva Vizcaya highway in Bokod town. 
Mrs. Dalipog accordingly could not show policemen proper travel permits or medical certificate from Baguio. 
Though, the group was allowed to proceed “for humanitarian considerations” and not without a supposed executed undertaking to allow an autopsy.

“This undertaking, however, was just a trick to deceive the police officers because they later refused to honor said undertaking and insisted to bury the boy on June 4,”  the Baguio City police director said, adding, “thus prompting us to seek the Baguio and Ifugao Prosecutor’s Office for an autopsy order”.  
Ifugao provincial prosecutor Marvin Nangayawan directed an autopsy by the Baguio City police Crime Laboratory Office  which revealed that the victim was strangled, while all statements of Mrs. Dalipog were belied by witnesses, Co claimed.  “It appears that the spouses Dalipog tried to mislead (us) into believing that the incident is a case of suicide.”
Mrs. Dalipog’s husband—PAGASA- Baguio veteran state weather forecaster Efren Dalipog, whom Col. Co said, “would have been impossible not to know about the maltreatment”, is also reportedly on quarantine in Ifugao. Efren Dalipog is the younger brother of Ifugao governor Jerry Dalipog.
The Dalipogs have remained mum despite persistent efforts to reach them for their comment on the murder suit and other raps in connection to their nephew’s “suicide-turned-murder” unfortunate death.
Artemio A. Dumlao

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