Drainage, Sewage rehab at public market requested


The City Council has urged the Department of Public Works and Highways Baguio City District Engineering Office (DPWHBCDEO) and the City Engineering Office (CEO) to maintain, improve, and rehabilitate the drainage and sewage system at the Baguio City Public Market and in the barangays around its proximity.

According to a resolution authored by Councilors Mylen Victoria Yaranon, Isabelo Cosalan Jr., and Michael Lawana, drainage is the most significant aspect of a road design, so proper and effective
design of drainage is necessary for the satisfactory and prolonged performance of pavements, roads, and sidewalks.

Excessive water content in the pavement base, sub-base, and sub-grade soil causes premature problems and can lead to structural or functional failure of pavement, the resolution read. It was also pointed out that poor drainage quality on roads and sidewalks would lead to a large number of costly repairs or replacement even before reaching their approximate lifespan.

“Foul odors at the Baguio City Public Market and its surrounding residential areas may possibly originate from the decomposition of organic compounds which emits strong nauseous smell/offensive odor. Stagnant pools formed from poorly drained storm water and household water that vendors used provide breeding sites for disease vectors,” the resolution stated.

Moreover, according to the resolution, poor drainage can lead to flooding resulting in property loss, damage of water supply and contamination of domestic water supply more so that household waste water may contain pathogens that can pollute groundwater sources increasing the risk of diseases.

Such damages can be prevented with appropriate and properly maintained drainages, the resolution added. The recently approved council resolution was adopted from the proposal of Scout Officials For-A-Day (SOFAD) Councilor Jef Mitzel Paran during the Scout Officials For-A-Day Council Session in October 2018.

Kimberly Badang/ABN