Four caught at Baguio checkpoint, triange facility for faking RT-PCR tests


BAGUIO CITY(August 23, 2021) –  Policemen caught four individuals at the Quarantine Checkpoint along Marcos Highway and Baguio Convention Triage Facility last Friday and Saturday for faking their COVID-19 tests.

On August 19, a Toyota Innova AUV with six passengers driven by Orlie Dizon, 42, from Don Fabian, Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City was flagged down and directed to proceed to the KIA Triage for verification of protocol requirements. Dizon however could not present to authorities any legal sanction on his travel with his six passengers.

Again on August 21, a Toyota Hi-Ace Van with seven (7) passengers driven by Joe Wilson Alipit, 26, from Pinsao Pilot Project, here, was also flagged down at the same checkpoint for verification of protocol requirements but also cannot show any.

Police claimed the passengers were released after undergoing quarantine assessment at the triaging area, while Dizon and Alipit were brought to Marcos Highway police station for booking on violations of RA 11332 and anti-colorum laws.

Also over the weekend, Mary Jane Montecer, 51, and Austin Bryan Montecer, 24, from Pahinga Norte, Candelaria, Quezon Province were booked for falsifying their RT-PCR results and violating RA 11332.  The Montecers reportedly electronically altered their RT-PCR results.

Artemio A. Dumlao