Happy Women’s Month

Hello iKit, it is the celebration of Women’s Month this March; commemorating the importance of women in our society with its hash tag “Women Make Change”. The world is dominated by women in terms of population. However, when it comes to status, men are still superior. Do you believe so? But we cannot deny that the contribution of women in our society is big as the saying goes “The strength of man is a woman and the downfall of a man is still a woman”. How ironic right? If you are a girl and you’re reading this column, I am going to ask you a question. First, what makes you a woman? Second, how important is your role to our society? Third, when are you going to start something for the betterment of yourself as a good contributing factor to our society?

I asked you these for I want you to establish something to look forward to in the near future. Whether you are young or old, age should not hinder you to be a means of help and change. Leave a positive legacy because when you take a look at your life, before, now and tomorrow, perhaps there is something that can be looked up to and might serve as an inspiration, idea or a lesson. Women may not be rational like most men but sometimes, don’t you notice that in some circumstances, they are using emotion to bring out the truth in you because it needs to be done.

It saddens me to know that some women are the source of separation between families because the husband committed adultery; he has another woman or what they call (kabet). And if you are one of them, no offense meant. It’s just that, you deserve so much better and that you shall not fall into temptation because you know it is a sin and a cause of damnation into hell according to the Bible. Are you not afraid of it? Well, I still give you the benefit of the doubt, of course iKit, for who am I anyway, right? To judge you, for no one is righteous anyway, no not one (Read Romans 3:10) However, there is nothing neutral in the word of God. There is only light and darkness, hot and cold, good and evil. So which side are you on? I might not know what you’re going through but look at it this way, “Righteousness is being right and doing right, being good and doing good.” Well, I heard a preacher in our Church say so.

So if you are a woman and you want to make change? You should do it now rather than tomorrow, for tomorrow you shall reap what you have planted. And if by chance I have offended you in any way iKit, I also am a woman and quote me on this “Men will respect a woman when she knows how to respect herself.” This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter of 98.7 ZRadio.

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