Hungduan National High wins 2nd in Regional Brigada Eskwela Contest

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The Hungduan National High School (HNHS) is happy to be chosen as the 2nd placer for the Regional Brigada Contest for medium-sized schools in the region. This award is a testament to the unwavering cooperation and volunteerism of all stakeholders to support the school at the start and throughout the school year.

“In behalf of the HNHS family, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and congratulations to our parents, municipal and barangay local government units and to all stakeholders who contributed and worked for the success of the Brigada Eskwela 2017,” said Rachel Guinid-Khayad, HNHS school head.

Khayad highlighted that, “The school has no difficulty in finding support from the community. There were donations from the stakeholders. Parents provided technical skills on carpentry, welding and electrical aspects.”

“Parents had overtime and went beyond the required four hour time in the Brigada Eskwela in their desire and support of the vision of the school and the Department of Education to provide a friendly and safe learning school or an environment for their children,” added Khayad.

HNHS Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Ester C. Aydinan said, “Basically, the expected activities as suggested by the Brigada Eskwela were accomplished; the school heads and teachers are motivating; and the school was guided with a plan. And these activities were supported and documented.”

HNHS will sustain this good practice and strive harder to bring all stakeholders together and work for the best interest of the children. “We will learn from this humble experience to continue our commitment as teachers and school to deliver safe learning environment and quality education for our students,” concluded Khayad. PR / ABN