Hygiene Promotion

Personal hygiene refers to achieving comfort and promoting personal cleanliness which is very important for our physical and psychological being. Hygiene is basic need for good health and to boost self-confidence of every individual.

First to look forward on hygiene promotion is the following: mouth care that includes gums, and tongue, teeth and lips. We should also be careful of the words that come out of our mouth; indeed it should be with wisdom even if it’s offensive when you are only trying to say the truth to help him/her out. Brush the tongue gently with toothbrush, rinse mouth with water and spit. Use Mouthwash or dental floss if available. Second, clean eyes with sterile water or cotton buds wiping the inner canthus outward to prevent cross-infection then instil lubricating drops in both eyes; do this two times a week to keep eyes moist. Third, ear care, don’t you know that it is advisable that cleaning our eyes is actually twice or thrice a week only for the natural wax will be the one to protect it from noise and dirt. Cleaning the ear from outside and back of it every day is much okay. Fourth, is cleaning your nose, trimming the hair from the inside is advisable to avoid clogging of hardened mucus that turns out to be a gouger. Fifth, is taking a bath. It is actually normal to take a bath daily or even four times a week, which only depends on the weather condition or how you sweat and depends on what type of work you have.

But a piece of advice, never wash your head when you are tired and never pour the water on your head first. It should always be the foot that gets wet first then body and head to let the blood circulate properly. Now as an addition is taking good care of your face because it is the first portion of your whole being that people look at. Wash the face two to three times a day to take away the dirt and avoid pimples and acne. Using soap to our body should be different of what we use for our face and hair. Meanwhile, armpit waxing is advisable for ladies to lighten skin of their armpit, minimize and make hair thin, then trimming hair on our down treasure is actually normal to avoid bad odour and avoid pimples down there. Hair cut, pedicure and manicure also goes with all the hygiene promotion and so if you have time come to iKit Ng Bayan Nail Spa and Salon at 4th Flr. Maharlika beside Beneco.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, no one is perfect but we must go to Church to be corrected for there is always a good news when we hear a word from Jesus Christ our Saviour. Happy Sunday everyone and have a nice week ahead of us. This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter that always reminds you “Ti panagkaykaysa, mangiwanwan iti naranyag a pagsayaatan.”

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