Leading the way to a green and sustainable province, the Ilocos Norte capitol building rooftop is being installed with solar panels to cut on electricity cost in the long run. With a funding of around
PHP45 million from the National Electrification Administration (NEA), Ilocos Norte Electric
Cooperative, Inc. (INEC) acting general manager Cipriano Martinez said installation of solar panels at the capitol started last December and is expected to be completed soon.

INEC was also tasked to put up solar panels in public hospitals and schools. Once completed, the solar power project will have a capacity of 470 kilowatts at its peak of operation and is expected to reduce cost of electricity in the province by 40 percent since the power generated by the solar panels will be sold to INEC to boost its supply. “The installation of solar panels is happening now as we continue to work towards affordable and stable electricity to our member consumer owners,” Martinez said in a press conference at the electric cooperative’s main branch in Dingras on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 28 INEC linemen and three engineering staff who have been project workers for up to 10 years have received permanent appointment orders. “I am sorry that it is only now that you get your appointment orders. This is an injustice on your part knowing the importance of your work to
INEC. So let us correct this and move forward,” Martinez said. Aside from receiving higher salaries as permanent employees, the field workers will also get higher risk pay effective this year.

(Leilanie Adriano-PNA)

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