In Good Times, In Bad Times

Here comes now the consequences of decisions that have occurred since this so-called Pandemic. Covid-19 scare each household holding us back to where are plans is; many has suffered enough but it seems that it will stay long than we expected.

And so, As you may all know that we have discussed the good things this Pandemic has done to each and everyone.

But today, May we all wake up to the reality of the Bad things this Covid-19 has done to everybody and here are the following:

  1. It is so obvious that Economy is down. And some even loss there job; even some Businesses close for good.
  2. Important plans is surely suspended. And that makes some frustrated, stress and distress.
  3. Limited Family Gathering, Going to Church, Friends Meet up, Transaction for better Business and that makes some people easily getting irritated and angry.
  4. Have you notice that we have lost some of our old folks not because of this Virus but because they were prohibited to go out. No exercise and no Coffee Chit- Chat made them weak.
  5. Have you also notice that when it comes for Public Transpo there is no Gentleman at all. No Girls or Boys. No Senior Citizen or PWD.
  6. Have you also notice that during this Pandemic we have lost what we call Initiative to help, for example during the peak of this Pandemic no one is willing to take a hitch for people walking on the street just to get to work and even go home even if you’re a Frontliner. I am saying this because I experienced it myself from March 21 until Mid of May; not until The President requested Police Services to make a Free ride for People going at work and going home but I only have it ones and never again tsk. In the name of Public Service just to inform the People of the True News we have to Work and do our Job right! And one more thing, Help comes everywhere from the start of March to May but have you heard of Reach out Project up to this moment? None!
  7. No Sincerity at all. Why? No shake hands, No hugging, No long time chatting, No besobeso. No eye contact at all because of Faceshield.
  8. Laziness, Do you believe that it makes all transactions very slow rather than fast? With this Skeletal working force and slow Internet connection dah what do you expect?
  9. More Expensive kind of living, with this blended learning and all transactions must be digital etc… All should have WiFi, Laptop, all essential is double the price.
  10. Unhealthy, What do you expect from staying at home all day long and what more for 6 Months? You eat, eat, eat and eat and eat more. And that makes you Fat and Lazy. And worse, some become Emotionally, Mentally, Socially, Physically, Financially and Spiritually Broke.

A Health expert one said that “This Covid-19 will only stop when the People say Stop” Stop exaggerating. But hey, who do the Swab Test anyway? And this is yours truly iKit Ng Bayan.


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