Absolute divorce, or the permanent dissolution of marriage, is now up for consideration in the Senate. This comes after the Lower House in Congress approved its version of the divorce bill and transmitted it to the Upper House.
While absolute divorce will need the adjudication of the courts, there is another kind of divorce that has occurred without judicial intervention and has far reaching implications for the country’s political stability. The divorce in question involves the irreversible and seemingly inevitable separation between President Bongbong Marcos and Vice
President Sara Duterte under the political banner of the so called “Uniteam,” which propelled them into power.

Political analysts predicted that the separation was only a matter of time, considering that the alliance between the Dutertes and Marcoses was formed for convenience during the election period. The political marriage was intended to consolidate their ranks and individual popularity to gain a competitive edge in winning the election. Despite both
Bongbong and Sara representing their respective political parties, their connection under the “Uniteam” was superficial, expected to last only until their objective was met: installing Bongbong Marcos as president and Sara Duterte as vice president.

With their goals achieved, the dissolution of the Uniteam was imminent as both sought to pursue their interests
independently. Does President Bongbong Marcos still need Uniteam? Not anymore. He is limited to a single six-year term in the highest political office and may soon focus on writing his memoirs as a politician and national leader. What about Vice President Sara Duterte? If she needed the Uniteam machinery to advance her political career, particularly the support of the so-called “Solid North” (the President’s political base), she would not have distanced herself from Bongbong.

However, considering everything, it was inevitable that the Uniteam, which was superficially united for the limited purpose of winning the elections, would reach its conclusion. With the Uniteam disbanded, all eyes are now on Vice President Sara Duterte as she prepares to vie for the presidency in the next elections. Meanwhile, the President’s
party mates are forming a larger political alliance to ensure their candidates’ success in the 2025 midterm elections. The Uniteam’s dissolution may not be too politically painful for both the Duterte and Marcos factions, but it will inevitably affect individuals appointed to government positions due to their affiliation with Uniteam.

This is particularly true for Duterte supporters who joined Uniteam and were rewarded with government appointments through Sara Duterte’s influence. These individuals may face termination of their appointments, given that their benefactor is no longer politically tied to the President’s inner circle or even to the President himself.
Despite being the Vice President, Sara Duterte’s unilateral dissolution of Uniteam and her resignation as Education Secretary have significantly diminished her influence within the current administration, both politically and otherwise.

The unfortunate aspect of this situation is the criticism from various sectors regarding Vice President Duterte’s performance as Education Secretary. Some even view her resignation as a positive development for the education sector, observing that little improvement was made to the teaching system during her tenure. Ultimately, the Uniteam’s dissolution serves as a classic example of the adage that in politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends, only permanent interests.

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