Liquor Ban Lifted In Baguio On Baguio Day


BAGUIO CITY (August 31, 2020) –  Baguio City, beginning September 1,  its 111th year anniversary, is lifting the liquor ban,  a much sought-after city government action.

Last July, the city imposed a liquor ban that was supposed to end on August 15, 2020,  but was extended again for another 15 days.   This after the city government noted violations of quarantine and safety protocols. This was the second liquor ban that was implemented in the city.

Baguio City has recorded fisticuffs and other liquor-related incidents in the past that justified the liquor ban in the city.   A Baguio resident was even brought to jail after exchanging fist blows with his drinking buddies including his father and even punched an arresting policeman.   Worst, he turned out positive of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) putting other inmates and jail officers at risk.

There were also cases of patients turning out positive of COVID19 after having a drinking sessions with supposed infected but not tested individuals.   Authorities claimed  there was transmission because of the sharing of shot glasses during drinking sessions.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong while announcing the lifting of the ban sternly reminded the public to drink responsibly and practice moderation.   Also, refrain from sharing shot glasses.   “Socialize, but do so with social distancing, ” Magalong said.

He warned that the City Inter-Agency Task Force (CIATF) can reimpose a third liquor ban if necessary.

But before the ban lifting, four construction workers having a drinking session in their construction site along Kitma Road, Bakakeng Central were caught around 10PM Saturday.

Baguio City police director Director Allen Rae Co said they caught Oscar Labadan, 44; Lugie Basada, 34; Hector Bale, 38; and Jay Basada, 22 for drunkenness and wanton disregard of the liquor ban.

The suspects are workers of Gold Faith Construction Incorporated with office address at Pacita, Laguna which is currently undertaking a housing project in said area.

“We will not tolerate the irresponsible behavior of drunk people. We are suspending the operation of the contractor,” Magalong said, while warning, “this incident should serve as stern warning to the people to be responsible amid the plan to ease up restrictions.”

Artemio A. Dumlao