Photo Caption: La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda discuss on-going development projects in La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post, thus, to complement Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC). Salda also highlights his commitment in the development and progress of the local agricultural sector.

Photo by Ron Christian Nacionales-UB Intern/ABN



Mayor Romeo Salda said the expansion of their trading post is very necessary to meet the increasing demand of quality farm produced. Salda added that once the facility is improved and
developed, it will be an added value to our tourism efforts for people to visit the place. “La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post (LTVTP) is inadequately sized in comparison to Benguet AgriPinoy Trading Center (BAPTC), so an expansion is required,” Salda said.

The local chief executive acknowledged the vital of both LTVTP and BAPTC, saying they complement each other as the multi-million trading hub (BAPTC) located in Wangal served as an “expansion” to their own trading post. “The BAPTC, a national project under the Department of Agriculture (DA) was built to serve as an expansion for the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post, ” said Salda, scoring Benguet State University’s role in food security by providing an area for BAPTC.

To speed up the transport of highland vegetables in the metropolis and nearby areas, Salda said that BAPTC needs a packaging area. “The expansion of La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post and the addition of a packaging area in BAPTC are necessary improvements to meet the growing demand for quality vegetables,” Salda pointed.

Ron Christian Nacionales/UB Intern/ABN

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