Officers of the Association of Tourism Industries and Networks (ATIN-LU) led by Xavier Mercado and LJ Rosales present to Gov. Pacoy on February 8, 2021, their trophy for winning first place at the Ilocano Culinary Heritage Pinakbet Competition held in Paoay, Ilocos Norte on February 2, 2021.
LU-based chefs Andrew Nathaniel Perez and Jonie Navarette Alagna created the winning cuisine dubbed as “eLyU’s Maritangtang PICKnakbet.” The recipe takes inspiration from the farm-to table concept, as the key ingredients are freshly harvested from various farms in the province, and cooked using indigenous implements such as the claypot, bamboo and stone. According to ATIN-LU, the winning piece is “La Union’s proud Ilocano dish, that exemplifies the hard work and diligence of the farmers and fisherfolks of the province.”
Justin Paul D. Marbella, PIO Photos by Sonny Buenaventura, PIO

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